Fox News sex columnist Jenny Block on the Mile High Club

April 26, 2010

Open author Jenny Block extols the wonders of the mile high club and the thrills of public, risky sex at Fox News:

With little room to navigate, your bodies come together quickly and with purpose. Within moments, you both reach fever pitch and collapse against the thin divide between the two of you and the rest of the world. No names exchanged, you return to your seats. You just got your membership. Welcome to the Mile High Club.

Exciting, hmmm? At least in theory. I’ve never done it myself. The quarters are a little too tight (and germy) for my taste. Still, the idea of it… and whether it’s with a sexy stranger or your own partner in crime, the thought of coupling in public is hot. Will you get caught? Can anyone hear you? What will happen if you’re exposed?

If not the bathroom, I believe you can still become a card-carrying member with a little under-the-blanket action. The point is still the same – doing what you want to be doing where you should not be doing it.

Of course, airplanes aren’t the only way to fly, as it were. Sure, you can’t get your mile-high membership if you’re grounded. But you can certainly feed the desire for thrilling sex. It’s all about going as close to the edge as you dare – whatever that means for you…

Chicago Mile High Club

April 26, 2010

Yes, you can pay to join the mile high club in Chicago (via Technorati):

Membership into the elite Mile-High Club has always been difficult to attain. Only those couples who were bold enough to carry on their initiation in the backseats of an under booked airline flight, or wealthy enough to own their own aircraft were usually able to join.

Now you can join the club in romantic comfort, style, and discretion. We are offering you and your loved one the exclusive use of our 20 passenger airliner so that you can become mile-high club members, with all of the safety and privacy that comes with having a large twin-engine turboprop airliner all to yourselves. The cabin is large and roomy, over 20 feet in length, 6 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall. The cockpit is divided from the cabin. We have equipped the cabin with clean, comfortable furnishings. A bottle of chilled champagne along with cheese and crackers are included for the flight.

Once you are aboard, the captain and first officer will communicate with you when it is permitted to move from your seats. This fast climbing aircraft will be one mile high in less than 5 minutes after takeoff. Should an unusual situation occur in the cabin, it is possible to signal the flight crew to deal with it. Otherwise, you and your partner will remain totally undisturbed except for the soothing hum of the engines and the moonlight through the cabin windows.

Does this sound like the gift of a lifetime to give to your significant other? We think it is and invite you to call us with questions. Do not be bashful, the flight crew is made up of mature, dedicated professionals. The crew will never interfere, participate or comment in anyway on anything that goes on in the cabin, they are there to fly the plane. Furthermore, they are bound under contract to total secrecy and discretion as to the identities of our customers.

“Boner-High Club”

April 1, 2010

Over at City Pages blog Gimme Noise, Patrick Strait gives some advice on joining what he prefers to call the “boner-high club” – it’s hilariously awesome (he also calls it “hot sky-love,” another phrase I’m digging):

The most important first step when it comes to finding a “Boner-High Club” partner (totally rolls off the tongue, amiright?) is scouting the talent on the plane.

So who should you look for? The fun-loving college girl who is super-psyched to do tequila shots on the beach? The sexy cougar who has already had three red wines before take off? The creepy 27-year-old throwing a temper tantrum over the fact that they aren’t offering Coors Light (the official beer of sky-boning) on the flight?

No. I’m talking about the flight attendants. Hear me out.

After sitting on a plane for four hours, most people are tired, bored and full of rage. Now imagine being on a plane for 18 hours straight. What would you do to break up the monotony?

Exactly; anything.

That’s why you need to keep your eyes open and look for flight attendants who appear to be somewhat sleep deprived and potentially delusional. They’ll be looking for any source of entertainment, opening the door for a romantic encounter for even the most mediocre of gentlemen.

Celebrity pilot back in the air after joining mile-high club with porn star

March 29, 2010

From TMZ:

Celeb pilot David Martz — who joined the mile-high club with a porn star last year while operating a helicopter — got his license back yesterday … and he says he passed his oral exam with flying colors.

The FAA stripped Martz (left) of his pilot’s license last year after footage surfaced of the pilot and porn star Puma Swede engaging in oral sex … 10,000 feet above residential areas in San Diego.

Martz — who flew a number of celebs including Tommy Lee — met with an FAA rep yesterday who gave him an oral exam and then a practical flying exam where they tested him on emergency procedures, cross country, and … ahem … auto rotation.

Martz says he’s happy to have part of his life back, promising “no shenanigans” in the cockpit from here on out.

Great review of The Mile High Club

January 4, 2010

The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories got a great review over at News, Reviews, and Interviews of the Other Industry!

They gave it a 4.5 out of 5 and wrote in part:

“A Brief Respite” by Desiree is about a female questioning whether she’s in the right relationship. While her flight to see his parents, she encounters a flight attendant who makes her horny. Since her boyfriend is busy listening to his iPod, she fantasizes of the straight male attendant. Things escalate when she acts on her whim by diddling herself in the bathroom!

There are other stories that are silly, but worth reading like “Get on, Get off” by Jeremy Edwards where an airline offers M(asturbation)-Class service and “Top Banana” by Craig Sorensen with the latter one being about a struggling computer salesman that gets his groove back after getting fresh with one of the female attendants who shows him who’s top banana, so to speak!

Then, we have the two gems of the anthology Donna Storey’s “Nasty Little Habit” and “Aisle Seat” by Stan Kent. The former title is about a recently promoted female excecutive who tries to break her habit of diddling herself during flight. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to break because she has someone else doing it for her. The latter story is definitely the best in the collection and almost conjures up the imagery from the front cover. It’s about a chance encounter with a sultry Italian woman that leads to a lustful mile-high session in the bathroom!

Desiree reads from The Mile High Club part one

December 9, 2009

Desiree reads at In The Flesh Reading Series from The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories.

Watch part 2 here.

Great review of The Mile High Club on Amazon

October 9, 2009

I loved this book review by Michael P. Hawkes,, which really captures what The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories is about!

With a name like “The Mile High Club,” should I expect notes on a song by Bow Wow Wow or a Liz Phair video? Knowing it’s an anthology of erotic short stories, I have a few ideas: sexy stewardesses in skintight skirts, proud pilots with prodigious… pants. Of course, I could be wrong.

The anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is more than pilots and stewardesses, although they do feature in a few stories. Most of the stories involve passengers. Lavatory trysts, alluded to on the cover of the book, are pretty common, though the authors get pretty inventive. Another common method for sex in the sky involves passengers seated next to each other while covered by a common blanket. However, these illicit affairs are unneeded in a couple of stories, such as “Flights of Fancy”, which features an airline devoted to sex, and “Get On, Get Off” which introduces the idea of Masturbation Class.

Getting away from the airlines, we are presented with “Bermuda Triangle” which features a female flight instructor and two male students who do everything she says. “Wing Walker” takes the idea of sex in flight to a new level, when a couple engages in activities on the top wing of a biplane. One story, “Planes, Trains, and Banana Seat Bicycles,” doesn’t involve sex in the skies. While it is a great story, it seems a bit out of place in this book.

All of the stories are good or great. Although they only averaged about 10 – 12 pages each, these nineteen sexy short stories only scratched the surface of the Mile High Club concept. I hope to see follow-up anthologies, because I think there is a lot of uncharted territory in this area. Maybe in the future we can read stories with helicopters. Flying boats. Dirigibles!

Mile High Club reality tv show seeking contestants, including female flight attendant

July 9, 2009

from Reality Wanted:

Casting Call Information
City: Los Angeles
State: CA

CASTING CALL: for MTV-style reality dating show (Los Angeles)

This is a paid one day, 8-hour shoot.

“The Real World meets Girls Gone Wild on a private jet”
“This is the mile high club in the Stratosphere”

We are looking for attractive 21-28 year old GIRLS and GUYS
with BIG and BOLD personalities to compete on a new reality dating show that takes place on a Gulfstream jet. -Any ethnicity/background/sexual preference is welcome to apply!

We are also casting for a female Flight Attendant to be the host of the show. In order to apply you must prove to be qualified to serve as the only flight attendant on board a private Gulfstream aircraft.

This is the ultimate luxury trip on a private jet. If you are looking for love or just looking to hook up this is the show for you!

Win a copy of The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories

April 5, 2009

One of my favorite questions I’ve been asking in the contributor interviews for The Mile High Club is “What celebrity would you most want to join The Mile High Club with and why?”

So now I’m asking YOU!

Just tell me your answer by April 30th (midnight, EST) and one of you will win a copy of The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories.

One entry per person, all locations acceptable.

Interview with The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories contributor Craig J. Sorensen

April 3, 2009

What was your inspiration for your story “Top Banana” in The Mile High Club?

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I flew the bright yellow planes of Hughes Air West to a number of their destinations. To me, those planes were a sign of the times. Add to that the equally brightly arrayed stewardesses. There was a time that they wore go-go boots, right in the height of my teen-hormone years. Talk about your lasting impressions! The traveling salesman was a sign of those times too, and of course big IBM business computers were spreading all over the business world. Combining these elements into something sexy just seemed natural. Many of the details were culled from anecdotes I have heard along the way. I set out to write a story that spoke of that time, and hopefully give a unique perspective on The Mile High Club. And I had a great time doing it.

Why do you think The Mile High Club has such a mystique?

The force of a jet moving through the air near the speed of sound, and the close proximity of the passengers have to be key parts of it. The combination of the physical rush of the planes thrust and the requirements that the passengers remain sedentary. I suppose some of it relies upon exhibitionism and voyeurism too. Add to this the fact that most of the people you meet in a trip, you will never meet again — the power of anonymity — and it creates a fertile ground. For a brief time, we’re all captive in the belly of the plane, maybe we’re anxious as we are at the beginning of a vacation or a key business trip, on our way to a reunion or whatever. All of those stimuli have the potential to make a spicy stew. It kind of cooks itself!

Do you have any tips for people looking to join The Mile High Club, whether from personal experience, observation or imagination?

Be observant, and open to opportunity, but learn how to be stealthy! It’s one thing to toy with exhibitionism and voyeurism, and quite another to be led away from the gate in cuffs. Unless, of course, that’s your thing… In that case, screw being stealthy!

What celebrity would you most want to join The Mile High Club with and why?

I’m blissfully a one-woman-man, and she’s not a celeb yet, so any such assignation would have to be the realm of fantasy. But in that realm I’ll say Jill Clayburgh. I’ve had a hopeless crush on her since she danced around a New York apartment in her underwear in the movie An Unmarried Woman and when she delivered the lovely line “I give great phone” in Silver Streak, not a flying movie, but a close second, a train movie. I always take window seats, Jill, so please remember to take an aisle in first class, or a middle seat in coach (who am I kidding? Jill would never ride coach. )

Are there any specific planes or airports you find particularly sexy?

I tend to like smaller airports, perhaps because there is less rush to them. Like smaller towns, people tend to be more open to casual conversation. By contrast, larger planes are better. Why? Opportunity! Larger planes have more places to secret away, and a larger number of people to get “lost among.” Larger numbers of restrooms means more opportunity to “linger.” In general, I find the sensations of flying sexy. I’m one who actually enjoys turbulence, and I really like the g-forces of take off and landing.

We all know that in real life, plane travel is often not very sexy at all. What’s your best piece of advice on how to make plane travel as relaxing as possible?

Step outside yourself, and observe what is around you. There is a microcosm in the fast travel world. From the brief contacts we make from flight to flight or waiting at the gate, to seeing reunions outside the security checkpoints, travel offers us an opportunity to see people through a certain lens. A woman once caught my eye on a flight years ago. This was before tattoos were in, and she was sitting an aisle up from me and she had this pretty rose tattoo on one heel and this grabbed me. Throughout the flight she read from three very contrasting books and magazines, and this brief flight gave me unusual images of what this woman might be, where she might be going. I almost always take a good book to read on a trip, but I usually spend more time watching people than reading.

What’s next for you?

I have recently finished writing a novel called Augsburg Diary that drawing from my experiences in the Army in the early 1980’s, when I was stationed at a Military Intelligence base in Germany. I am in the process of pursuing publication for this book. While I love short stories and will continue to write them, I’m increasingly my focus on longer works now.

Do you have anything else to add about The Mile High Club?

I love the writing to the specifications of anthologies. It challenges me to explore new areas I might not otherwise take on, left to my own devices. I found The Mile High Club a particularly fun challenge as the setting is very specific. But, for all the reasons I gave above, it is a fertile ground for sexy stories, and I’m glad I got an opportunity to play in that ground!