Flight-themed Fly Lounge in Washington, DC

I just discovered the bar Fly Lounge in Washington, DC via Metromix. Sounds great! In The Mile High Club, the authors don’t get into so much the fetishization of airplanes and pilots 9though they do of flight attendants a bit), but that’s another interesting aspect, about those who love flying and being around flying culture. They’re also opening one in Aspen; next time I’m in DC I will check this place out!

Join the mile high club

Inside Look at Fly: An exclusive aviation themed lounge Join the mile high club Join the mile high club Join the mile high club

To an extent, Dupont Circle’s Fly Lounge is a lot like the act of joining the real mile high club. It is undeniably sexy, steamy and accessible only to a lucky few who get the casual nod. Despite all the hype, the real thing’s probably a bit more cramped than you had anticipated.

Since its debut in 2006, Fly has generated a lot of buzz as one of the most unique and exclusive clubs in the District. Founded by a local DJ-turned-pilot, the lounge is fully immersed in a sleek aviation theme. Fly’s interior is modeled after the cylindrical cabin of a hyper-classy private jet. Beautiful waitresses navigate the crowd in skimpy stewardess uniforms, complete with short skirts, neck scarves and bosom-hugging button-downs with winged lapel pins. Small LCD screens line the walls, displaying lucid images of passing clouds. Tables are even stocked with miniature packs of mixed nuts to complete the feel.

For such a small space (capacity is capped at 120), Fly packs in a surprising amount of energy. The venue’s impressively powerful sound system pulsates an eclectic mix of danceable music, facilitating a kinetic vibe. The DJ spins an engaging blend of house-infused rock, 80s pop, funk and hip-hop, promising to get even the most timid clubbers on the dance floor. Just try standing still when you hear Johnny Cash successfully transition into Kanye. Not possible.


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