George Clooney “addicted to flying” in new film

I don’t know if George Clooney will actually join the mile high club in this movie, but I definitely want to see it:

George Clooney is to star in a new romantic comedy about a man addicted to flying.

The Hollywood hunk will play Ryan Bingham, a frequent flier, whose life is falling apart so he takes solace travelling in what he calls Airworld and puts all his effort towards one goal – collecting a million frequent flier miles.

Up In The Air will be directed by Juno’s Jason Reitman, and is based on the book by Walter Kirn, Empire magazine reports.

George’s character, a career transition counsellor, gets into a relationship with a businesswoman – played by The Departed star Vera Farmiga – and they meet in hotel rooms as they travel around.

Anna Kendrick reportedly beat Juno star Ellen Page in auditions to play the other leading lady, a young woman who is always crossing paths with Bingham.

Filming is due to begin in February in Miami, Las Vegas and St Louis.


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