Violet Blue predicts: Sex in Space

San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist and all around awesome lady Violet Blue has filed her predictions for sex and tech in 2009, and one of them is…

The 200-Mile High Club: Sex In Space

Sex in space: we all know (nudge, wink) that it’s already happened, whether solo or shared: even though in 50 years of human space flight, no international space agency has copped to anyone having sex in space, astronaut Mike Mullane described in his book “Riding Rockets” something he called “the Viagra effect.” Apparently his “morning wood” was off the charts; some think it’s the redistribution of fluids (such as blood) that caused this, and since women possess the same erectile tissue that swells with arousal as men, we can only guess (or dream) that ladies in space woke up with boners, too. And despite NASA’s denials about sex in space (NASA has no official policy banning sex in space) it’s difficult to believe that freshly in-love astronauts Jan Davis and Mark Lee who wed just before liftoff for their 7-day stint on the 1992 Endeavor mission didn’t have a honeymoon in space. But there’s secretly doing it in space, and then there’s bragging rights – which means the private space industry is where it’s at. Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is already selling tickets for $200K apiece, and people are already inquiring about honeymoons in space. VG states on The History Channel’s recently run “Sex In Space” episode that sex is not a priority for Virgin’s research, but they are pretty up front that sex on a VG flight is inevitable. The required 50 test flights of VG’s SpaceShip Two, originally scheduled to begin in June 2008, are now planned to begin in 2009.


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