Redbook says: Go ahead and join the Mile High Club!

According to Redbook, sex on a plane is a go, as long as you’re careful:

The Mile-High Club: Should you become a member?
It’s no shock that teeny-tiny airplane bathrooms aren’t optimal for lovemaking — they hardly accommodate one body, let alone two. For maximum maneuverability, stand with one leg on the toilet with your man embracing you from behind. “And discretion is key,” adds Gardos. “Plan it so that one of you enters the bathroom a couple minutes before the other: Quickies are ideal.” According to JetBlue Airways spokesperson Brandon Hamm, flight attendants use their discretion with onboard hookups, usually asking passengers to discontinue behaviors that might make others uncomfortable. So go ahead and risk it, but be sneaky or prepare to be told to return to your seats and buckle up!


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