Interview with The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories contributor Sommer Marsden

What was your inspiration for your story in The Mile High Club?

Jamie Lee Curtis. No. Seriously. She is my everlasting and persistent girl crush. I think I’ve fallen even harder for her as she ages. She does the gray cropped sexy hair very well. Okay, so inspiration was Jamie Lee Curtis *and* an agonizingly long flight I had one time from LAX to BWI. Fifteen thousand stopovers (not quite), one Australian woman, many Cokes, ten thousand cigarettes (on stopovers) and a Stephen King novel later…I was home.

Why do you think The Mile High Club has such a mystique?

It’s sort of a “I Kissed the Blarney Stone!” kind of thing, I think. Once people know it’s possible to get away with, everybody wants in. Plus all those rumors about altitude enhanced orgasms and whatnot. Who could resist?

Do you have any tips for people looking to join The Mile High Club, whether from personal experience, observation or imagination??

Try to be quiet. Don’t laugh too much. Most certainly do not do a full-on porn star orgasm. I’m not really sure. I’m hoping to get a few tips from the book!

What celebrity would you most want to join The Mile High Club with and why?

Um…Jamie Lee Curtis? But don’t tell her.

Are there any specific planes or airports you find particularly sexy?

Not so much. But I do find those gangways sexy. I can picture getting hot and heavy in a gangway right before the door to board.

We all know that in real life, plane travel is often not very sexy at all. What’s your best piece of advice on how to make plane travel as relaxing as possible?

Drink. Heavily. Fine, fine. If you don’t want to drink heavily, pack yourself a nice emergency kit of things you love, a really good book, a ‘slipper book’ (a well loved, beat up, often read tome) in case that book sucks, and a few things you normally don’t allow yourself. Like me, I try not to eat the whole roll of Sprees. But if I have to fly, I might pack two rolls for the flight. But that could just be my oral fixation talking.

What’s next for you?

Lucky 13: Thirteen Tales of Getting Lucky due out from eXcessica and a whole slew of other fun stuff. That and another cup of coffee.

Do you have anything else to add about The Mile High Club?

The actual club? I would like to join, please. The book? I love that cover. It makes me…want to grab the man and go fly somewhere. Anywhere. Right now.

Here’s an excerpt from Sommer Marsden’s story “The Scream Queen” from The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories.

“You don’t like to fly?” Her breath was hot along my neck and for a moment I forgot about the turbulence and just wanted to kiss her.

“Not so much. Not a big fan, actually. But business is business and I’m flying out to scout a location in New York and…” I shrugged.

“My hometown.” She said the words right against my earlobe and the vibration meandered down my belly to my pussy. I shifted in the cramped airplane seat and felt the seat belt rub my belly in a not unpleasant way.

I cleared my throat and reminded myself who this woman was. Jannie Blair was not interested in me. I was suffering from delusions of grandeur. She was one of the premier slasher sirens. She had screamed with the best of them and had made blood and terror sexy. She had thoroughly earned her name, the Scream Queen. I shifted. “Have you been to Rico’s? That’s what I’m looking at. We’re shooting a huge vampire smack down in Rico’s. The stonework and gargoyles are amazing. At least from the photos I’ve seen.”

“They are.” The words were no sooner out of her mouth than she leaned in and nipped my ear. I gave a little cry and her hand moved just a fraction of an inch higher on my leg.

“Oh. Good. I…” I what? I had no idea. My brain had short-circuited and my body had hijacked all sensation. My heart was banging restlessly and my pulse jumped in my neck. I shook my head because I felt dizzy and the plane jumped, making it that much worse.

“I like your skirt. It’s what a real woman would wear,” she said. Her breath smelled like chocolate.

“I’m sorry?”

“Oh. Don’t be.” She laughed at her own joke and the crow’s feet at the corners of her big blue eyes deepened. There was something sexy about how they made her bright blue eyes even brighter. “What I mean is, I watch all these professional women walking around dressed like teenagers. This is beyond sexy, this skirt. And it shows off your hips.”

Yeah. My hips. I wasn’t too crazy about my hips. But I was starting to think the whole shower scene had been fairly accurate. She was flirting with me. “Thanks. Thank you.” Then before I could still my tongue, I blurted, “I have to pee.”

Read the rest of “The Scream Queen” in The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories.

Catch more of Sommer’s writing at her blog Smut Girl.


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2 Responses to “Interview with The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories contributor Sommer Marsden”

  1. alison tyler Says:

    I love behind-the-scene peeks into what (or who) a story is based on. I’m sure Jamie Lee Curtis would be thrilled to know she was your inspiration… Now, where are my Sprees?


  2. Maxie Says:

    Excellent excerpt. I must say that I have yet to become a member, but am EAGERLY anticipating my initiation (and hopefully soon).

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