Win a copy of The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories

One of my favorite questions I’ve been asking in the contributor interviews for The Mile High Club is “What celebrity would you most want to join The Mile High Club with and why?”

So now I’m asking YOU!

Just tell me your answer by April 30th (midnight, EST) and one of you will win a copy of The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories.

One entry per person, all locations acceptable.


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29 Responses to “Win a copy of The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories”

  1. Mark Joyella Says:

    Just ONE celebrity? Hang on. Trying to remember the exact dimensions of those airplane bathrooms. Or are we limited to lavatories?

  2. Dreidel Hustler Says:

    I think that rubbing Diane Lane’s clit in a Jet Blue bathroom while her hubby Brolin sits in first class (chomping on peanuts and sipping some ginger ale) clueless is the way to go.

    Lizzy Caplan, of course, would do just fine too.

  3. Rick Hawn Says:

    Mariah Carey…. I’ve been in lust/love with her since her first album… I’ve even composed a song that starts as two solos, man and woman, and becomes a duet at the end. Started as a dream, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head yet. I’ve made it into a song, but I’d love to make it a reality.

  4. SKibbey Says:

    This is fanasy right? So I would say Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan, I think he is so dreamy. He became the Crown Prince of Dubai recentley, he writes romtaic poetry as well. If you google him, you will see his pricture he is very handsome.

  5. rachelkb Says:

    Mark – one celebrity (or it could be 2 celebrities in one encounter). Not limited to airport bathrooms (read the book – people get it on all over, including on a plane, like on the wing). So as long as it’s “plane sex,” you’re good. I’m picking the winner randomly. Love the entries so far!

  6. RighteousMetalBroad Says:

    mmm, John Cusack. 🙂 Anywhere and everywhere in the plane.

  7. Gena Says:

    I am very fearful of flying, so sex on an airplane would probably be better than Paxil when it comes to calming me down. I would have to go with Marianne Faithfull–and not the 1960s version, but the very hot current incarnation. Hey, if she was good enough for Mick Jagger….

  8. Lilly Says:

    The guy who plays James/Sawyer on Lost (tv show). I don’t know the man’s real name. I’m not very concerned with him as a person. Just the character he plays. Sawyer is very rugged and rough and the sex would be hot and primal – there’s that hint of good guy, sweetheart under his exterior.

    His body, his hair, his constant scruff…….
    I’ll be in my bunk. ahem.

  9. Lilly Says:

    Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you about the plane sex, lol. Forget the bathroom. Right there in our seats. Overnight flight. A little turbulence starts it all off.

  10. Keira Says:

    Richard Armitage – from the movie N&S. So yum… if I was going to climb into the tiny bathroom with anybody it’d be him… but I would prefer us jetting around on a private plane and then we’d just be all over the place embarrassing the flight attendants with the noise and visuals. Do I get bonus if he’d be dressed originally in period costume??? Cause melts… that’d be hot.

  11. MNguyen Says:

    I would The rock, Dwayne Johnson, I love him, he’s so Amazing and single at the moment. I would grab the chance if it came along. How else do you spend like 10 flying to Samoa?

  12. Furry Girl Says:

    I would have loved to be Cillian Murphy’s victim in the movie Red Eye. (He’s also totally hot and bang-worthy in general.) I might be the only person who watched Red Eye as an erotic thriller- he plays a smooth terrorist who coerces a woman on a plane into playing a small role in his plan, including roughing her up in the airplane bathroom when she wouldn’t cooperate. I don’t know why, but I found it really sexy. Sometimes villains really turn me on.

  13. Kynn Says:

    I’d totally do Chelsey Sullenberger in a plane, and that’s practical too. He counts as a celeb now, right?

    He’s got that suave, older-man competence going for him. I mean, look at him, he’s so cute for a real life hero.

    If he doesn’t count as a celeb, then obviously Samuel L. Jackson. I’d let him fuck me until he cried “Enough is enough! I have had it with this motherfucking sex on this motherfucking plane!”

  14. miyu Says:

    Nicole Kidman. Absolutely. She and Marcia Cross have been on my top list for years now.

  15. Andrew Crawford Says:

    Kate Bosworth and Erica Durance. The Lois Lane’s seem fitting for the mile high club. And they’re different body types. kind of a surf and turf. i guess Kate would be the surf cause of BLUE CRUSH.

  16. Sarah Packard Says:

    I’m gonna go with Clive Owen…mmmm. *happy place*

  17. Tousled Elegance Says:

    Easy choice for me- Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers/Gutter Twins). He embodies excitement and danger with the eroticism of his smoky, whiskey drench voice and dark lyrics. Is he submissive? Is he dominant? The song “My Curse” makes me very intrigued to find out for myself ( As for his admissions in “Be Sweet” ( about having dick for a brain and just wanting to fuck, well, that kind of blatant ‘bad boy’ honesty gets me hot. Sure, he’s gained some weight since he kicked his drug habit, but his raw sensuality is still intact enough to make me want to be like girl in Neglekted (, suggesting something ‘unsanitary’ to him.

  18. Rahadyan Says:

    Lainie Kazan. She was always a hot busty woman and seeing her fine ass in “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” clinched it for me. I hope she’d be up for doggy style fucking not to mention rubbing her nipples on my shaven balls.

  19. WhyCantUs? Says:

    Definitely Tina Fey. Sexy and beautiful and the humor makes her even sexier! Overnight flight to Europe, business class, one of the pull out bed seats, very slow and sexy climaxing right before we start our descent.

  20. Stand Up Guy Says:

    Getting it from Kellie Pickler in an airplane bathroom would be next to heaven, literally. And using my tongue between her legs and on those amazing orbs would sent me higher than the plane.

  21. Carol Thompson Says:

    My choice would be Antonio Banderas.

    He is that screen staple of a Spanish speaking, dark haired, white teeth, swarthy complexion Latin Lover !

  22. Mark Says:

    Diane Sawyer and or Anne Curry-delectable and nurturing mature babes!!

  23. Michael Says:

    Camryn Mannheim from THE PRACTICE. I just love her intelligence and intensity in addition to her being a BBW. I also like her integrity as an actress. She refused to be stereotyped as “the fat girl” on the show and would not play scenes with her binge eating.

  24. Respectable Reviews Says:

    I definitely agree about Kellie Pickler. Perhaps we can get some three-way action going on up there! Hah.

  25. Kailash Says:

    Anjelina Jolie of course!

  26. Anand Says:

    I would like Monika Bellucci with me in a business class occupying a window seat – with all her curves flowing or about to flow- with a tingling in her cunt and nipples waiting to be sucked. Slowly she descends over me with her lips crushed over me – thursting her powerful muscles on my pole filling her tightly and her sweet aroma filling me completly transcending me …….

  27. prettygirlhlb Says:

    henry rollins. his intelligence enough makes me insanely aroused. imagining him having to fit that body and presence inside an airplane bathroom – that alone would be worth it. mainly i would let him talk to me until i just lost the plot entirely…so i guess mile high could just be on the seat next to him…

  28. RachelR Says:

    George Clooney. Maybe it’s his movie “Up in the Air” influencing my thinking, but he does the world weary traveler persona so well.

  29. Muffy Wilson Says:

    I actually have two top choices: Christopher Meloni of Law and Order SVU. He is hard, hot, rockin’ and a bad boy in OZ. It is so nice to be able to eye the goods before hand. And, oh, what a package he has…I would be glad to ride him, upside or down, from East to West Coast – and back again. But, honestly, I cannot think of anyone sexuer than RKB

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