Fox News sex columnist Jenny Block on the Mile High Club

Open author Jenny Block extols the wonders of the mile high club and the thrills of public, risky sex at Fox News:

With little room to navigate, your bodies come together quickly and with purpose. Within moments, you both reach fever pitch and collapse against the thin divide between the two of you and the rest of the world. No names exchanged, you return to your seats. You just got your membership. Welcome to the Mile High Club.

Exciting, hmmm? At least in theory. I’ve never done it myself. The quarters are a little too tight (and germy) for my taste. Still, the idea of it… and whether it’s with a sexy stranger or your own partner in crime, the thought of coupling in public is hot. Will you get caught? Can anyone hear you? What will happen if you’re exposed?

If not the bathroom, I believe you can still become a card-carrying member with a little under-the-blanket action. The point is still the same – doing what you want to be doing where you should not be doing it.

Of course, airplanes aren’t the only way to fly, as it were. Sure, you can’t get your mile-high membership if you’re grounded. But you can certainly feed the desire for thrilling sex. It’s all about going as close to the edge as you dare – whatever that means for you…


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