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November 6, 2008

I was honored to be quoted in this article by Judy McGuire about joining the Mile High Club. Here’s one anecdote from it:

Don’t Be Shy. Jessica DelFino, a “thirtyish” comedian in New York City, recalls her one and only airborne assignation. “A handsome stranger walked by and smiled at me on his way to the bathroom,” she reports. “I jotted a quick note that said, ‘I’d love to have sex with you. Another world, another time, another place … or in the bathroom?’ and passed it to him on his way back to his seat.”

The bathroom it was. According to flight crews, the lavatory is, not surprisingly, where most mile-highers choose to do the deed. “The other flight attendants and I could never figure out the attraction of lavatory sex,” June C. muses. “Those bathrooms are so gross, it’s like having sex in a bus station bathroom.”

The article also links to Mile High Atlanta, where, for a price ($379 per couple), you can literally “make your fantasy a reality.” Here’s a shot of the interior of their plane:

interior of Mile High Atlanta plane