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Interview with The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories contributor Craig J. Sorensen

April 3, 2009

What was your inspiration for your story “Top Banana” in The Mile High Club?

When I was growing up in the 60’s and 70’s, I flew the bright yellow planes of Hughes Air West to a number of their destinations. To me, those planes were a sign of the times. Add to that the equally brightly arrayed stewardesses. There was a time that they wore go-go boots, right in the height of my teen-hormone years. Talk about your lasting impressions! The traveling salesman was a sign of those times too, and of course big IBM business computers were spreading all over the business world. Combining these elements into something sexy just seemed natural. Many of the details were culled from anecdotes I have heard along the way. I set out to write a story that spoke of that time, and hopefully give a unique perspective on The Mile High Club. And I had a great time doing it.

Why do you think The Mile High Club has such a mystique?

The force of a jet moving through the air near the speed of sound, and the close proximity of the passengers have to be key parts of it. The combination of the physical rush of the planes thrust and the requirements that the passengers remain sedentary. I suppose some of it relies upon exhibitionism and voyeurism too. Add to this the fact that most of the people you meet in a trip, you will never meet again — the power of anonymity — and it creates a fertile ground. For a brief time, we’re all captive in the belly of the plane, maybe we’re anxious as we are at the beginning of a vacation or a key business trip, on our way to a reunion or whatever. All of those stimuli have the potential to make a spicy stew. It kind of cooks itself!

Do you have any tips for people looking to join The Mile High Club, whether from personal experience, observation or imagination?

Be observant, and open to opportunity, but learn how to be stealthy! It’s one thing to toy with exhibitionism and voyeurism, and quite another to be led away from the gate in cuffs. Unless, of course, that’s your thing… In that case, screw being stealthy!

What celebrity would you most want to join The Mile High Club with and why?

I’m blissfully a one-woman-man, and she’s not a celeb yet, so any such assignation would have to be the realm of fantasy. But in that realm I’ll say Jill Clayburgh. I’ve had a hopeless crush on her since she danced around a New York apartment in her underwear in the movie An Unmarried Woman and when she delivered the lovely line “I give great phone” in Silver Streak, not a flying movie, but a close second, a train movie. I always take window seats, Jill, so please remember to take an aisle in first class, or a middle seat in coach (who am I kidding? Jill would never ride coach. )

Are there any specific planes or airports you find particularly sexy?

I tend to like smaller airports, perhaps because there is less rush to them. Like smaller towns, people tend to be more open to casual conversation. By contrast, larger planes are better. Why? Opportunity! Larger planes have more places to secret away, and a larger number of people to get “lost among.” Larger numbers of restrooms means more opportunity to “linger.” In general, I find the sensations of flying sexy. I’m one who actually enjoys turbulence, and I really like the g-forces of take off and landing.

We all know that in real life, plane travel is often not very sexy at all. What’s your best piece of advice on how to make plane travel as relaxing as possible?

Step outside yourself, and observe what is around you. There is a microcosm in the fast travel world. From the brief contacts we make from flight to flight or waiting at the gate, to seeing reunions outside the security checkpoints, travel offers us an opportunity to see people through a certain lens. A woman once caught my eye on a flight years ago. This was before tattoos were in, and she was sitting an aisle up from me and she had this pretty rose tattoo on one heel and this grabbed me. Throughout the flight she read from three very contrasting books and magazines, and this brief flight gave me unusual images of what this woman might be, where she might be going. I almost always take a good book to read on a trip, but I usually spend more time watching people than reading.

What’s next for you?

I have recently finished writing a novel called Augsburg Diary that drawing from my experiences in the Army in the early 1980’s, when I was stationed at a Military Intelligence base in Germany. I am in the process of pursuing publication for this book. While I love short stories and will continue to write them, I’m increasingly my focus on longer works now.

Do you have anything else to add about The Mile High Club?

I love the writing to the specifications of anthologies. It challenges me to explore new areas I might not otherwise take on, left to my own devices. I found The Mile High Club a particularly fun challenge as the setting is very specific. But, for all the reasons I gave above, it is a fertile ground for sexy stories, and I’m glad I got an opportunity to play in that ground!


FREE Mile High Club story: “Wild Child” by Matt Conklin

March 23, 2009

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Wild Child
by Matt Conklin

Sex on planes is stupid. These people think they’re so cool for joining the “Mile High Club.” They probably think that sneaking a joint makes them oh so rebellious too. Whatever. Fucking on airplanes is overrated. They’re just dumb conformists who want to do it because they read about it in a magazine. I just want to get to L.A. already. This whole thing is stupid….

I couldn’t help looking over her shoulder. She was sitting right next to me, after all, and I’ve never been one not to notice a woman, even if she is fifteen years my junior. But even if I weren’t the type to try to see what my seatmate was reading or check her out, the furious way this girl was scribbling in her notebook, a loud, angry kind of scrawl, was the equivalent of pounding a piano keyboard, hard, and it was difficult to ignore.

Her entire aura was angry, and she was dressed in typical post-teen fashion–black tank top over jeans, with a black hoodie, plenty of black eyeliner, an eyebrow ring and a scowl. Oh, and dark green Converse sneakers. As I took in her words, I knew immediately that she was a all but a virgin. She was too fired up, too cocky, to have ever fully surrendered to a boy–or a girl. She had all the charm of a young woman whose sensuality is hidden not so deeply beneath the surface, who just hasn’t figured it out yet.

She made me want to smack some sense into her, or fuck her. I could’ve told her to grow up, but what would be the point? So she could become jaded, I mean, “mature,” like me? No, I figured I could have some fun with her, though, and maybe let Miss Attitude know that there’s more than one way to get screwed on an airplane.

Her eyes, once you got past the shaggy bangs and overdone makeup, were almost sexy. And yes, I was now officially a dirty old man, likely twice her age or damn close, for even considering what she had going on under that hoodie. But she started it, and I felt like it was in both our best interest to pursue it.

“You’re wrong, you know,” I said in as snotty a voice as I could muster. Like meets like and all that. “It’s not just about yuppies sneaking off for a quickie and calling it the best sex of the year. There are all kinds of ways to fuck on a plane. You’re just too young to know about them.”

She glared up at me, and let me tell you, it was the sexiest glare I’d ever seen, the kind of sneer that says “Leave me alone” and “I want to suck your cock” at the very same time, the kind of stare that made my dick even harder. “Like you’d know,” she muttered, then cut me with her eyes before turning to face the window, deliberately closing her journal and curling up into a ball as best she could within the confines of the seats. Normally, I don’t care what my neighbors are reading or eating or doing on a plane; I’m intent on getting where I’m going as quickly as possible. I’ve had my share of fun on planes, but for the most part I think they’re utilitarian vehicles, the fastest way to get from point A to point B, nothing to get too excited about.

But I was excited about this girl, because she was definitely a girl, not a womanænot even close. I’d been spending my time with women who’d been around the block, who knew exactly how to give a blow job designed to make me melt, who approached sex like a sport they’d already won several medals in. Maybe that’s not totally fair, but I was bored. I was on the plane because I wanted to shake things up, not necessarily with a wild fling, but with something different. I’d been certain a quick trip to Miami would snap me out of my rut. I’d fantasized about somewhere more exotic, but time was even tighter than money and I just wanted to be in the sun, soak up a few rays, ogle some chicks in bikinis and flirt and drink and not think about my latest breakup or my job performance. Things were salvageable at work, but I wasn’t exactly going to be made employee of the year. I’d been drinking too much and had taken some of my frustration out on Heather, who’d finally had enough. But looking at this girl full of smoldering sex appeal buried beneath layers of goth indifference, I wondered if maybe I didn’t even need to get to the land of beaches, sunshine and Cuban flair for that to happen. This wild child seemed tailor-made for that, and like she could use someone to talk some sense into her before she became jaded like all the others.

Just then the stewardess came by and asked about drinks. My companion surprised me by ordering a club soda. I opted for wateræwith extra ice, and a whiskey. I smiled politely even as my mind formed deviant plans. My seatmate continued to pretend to ignore me, but I sensed her eyes peering at me over her shoulder. I pulled out a book, some thick thriller on the bestseller list I’d grabbed off the shelves. I used to have a stack of books just waiting to be read, and would sometimes rush home to them like they were old friends, but lately all I’d been reading were labels on jars and captions on my TV screen.

I tried to act like I was immersed in the book, playing hard to get, if you will, but when the stewardess returned with my requested cup of ice, I was grateful for the chance to pull out my tray, and grinned up at her. I think she thought I was flirting with her, from the way she leaned down, thrusting her tits in my face. That brief nearness made my seatmate a little jealous, apparently, because she scowled at the woman and demanded both a Coke and a tomato juice. “You better not spill on me,” I said to her like she was eight.

“Why don’t you just mind your own business?” she snapped back.

“Are you sure that’s really what you want…Donna?” I asked, having copped a glance at the copy of Bust with its address label still attached she’d been rifling through.
“You’re damn nosy, you know that?”

“You were the one writing about something that I happen to have a vested interest in.”

“I was writing in my journal, you idiot.”

“Fine. Stay young and uninformed, I don’t care,” I said, sipping the whisky I’d so wisely had the busty stewardess bring me. I reached for my book again and tried to imagine I was in first class. But my cock was insistent that I not let this one get away.

I ignored her for as long as I could stand it before turning toward her. She now had her headphones on full blast, her hoodie hiked up around her ears, and her body turned all the way away from me, her petite build allowing her to sit with her legs tucked against her as she faced the window, staring into the darkening sky.
“The ice is melting. Such a shame,” I said quietly.

“Why?” She wasn’t exactly gracious, but I was pretty sure I had piqued her interest.

“I don’t know. Some people, you know, those stuffy, uptight dickwads you think so highly of, might be interested in playing with ice, like a sex toy. I’m sure that would be way beneath you, so there’s no point in even going on about it.”

There was silence for a few minutes as I sipped my drink and actually let myself get sucked into the mystery novel, the first clues making my brain spin with possibilities. Just when I thought I had a lead on who the killer might be, she spoke again. “Not that I actually care or anything, but what exactly would you do with the ice? And how do you do it without getting caught?”

I turned to look at her and her eyes seemed wider, the makeup seeming to fade as she stared up at me. “Well, the only real way to tell you is to show you. Otherwise it’ll just sound boring. Do you think you’re up for it? I’m not so sure a delicate flower like you could stand it. It’s really more for the…masochistic sort of girl.” Of course I already knew that she was as submissive as they come. It’s the bratty ones who always need a good spanking, and the sniveling, simpering ones who are actually the biggest bitches once you scratch that outer layer. Time and time again, my theory has been proven right, as ballsy babes who’ve busted my nuts at work or among friends have begged to have their hair pulled, to choke on my cock, to be degraded in ways even I hadn’t thought of.

Donna looked up at me and nodded. “I can take it.” She said it like I was about to take her before a firing squad, rather than make her more aware of her nipples than she’d ever been.

“Try not to sound too enthusiastic,” I said right into her ear. She shivered, and I made my lips brush against her lobe. “Cold?”

“No, I’m fine,” she said.

“Good, because you’re about to get a lot colder.” And with a practiced move, I took one of the pieces of ice in my hand, put my arm around her, and quickly worked it below her T-shirt and into her bra. I made sure it was secure there, as I felt it start to melt just a little. I allowed my fingers only a brief meeting with her already-hardening flesh before removing my hand and patting her on the shoulder.

She looked at me again, her mouth open, fishlike. “Don’t say anything. It’s better that way. Just take deep breaths and focus on the sensation. And get used to it because I’m about to add another one,” I told her. Her face could not have looked more shocked. Having ice melting against your nipples is one of those things you can’t really prepare for. Even if you think you know what you’re getting into, the reality is more painful, chilling, and exciting than you could have expected.

“Yes, there’s going to be another one…unless you can tell me you hate it. Can’t stand it. Wish I hadn’t done it.” The more I talked, the faster the words bubbled out, the stiffer my cock got. I’d wanted to try to play it cool, but I was just as aroused as she was. Initiation should be its own fetish, its own niche in the world of sex.
Watching a woman go from barely knowing where her clit was to realizing that her nipples were way more sensitive than she’d thought, and could take all sorts of torment, was as beautiful as watching the glorious sunset going on outside our window.

“No. I mean, I can’t say that. I don’t know…I wouldn’t say I like it, but I’d be disappointed if you didn’t do it again.”

“How disappointed?” I asked, stroking her cheek with one rough thumb.

“Well…I’d think you were a big mean bully,” she said. Now she was just toying with me.

“But would that really be such a bad thing?” I asked her before reaching down to pinch her icy nipple. She let out a sigh, then a hiss, as I manipulated the ice through the fabric of her T-shirt and hoodie so it was more directly in contact with her nipple.

“Oh, Donna, this is only the beginning. Because in a little while, I’m going to hand you three pieces of ice and tell you to go to the bathroom and insert them inside your pussy. And yes, you’re going to do it, then walk back here, sit down, and make a big puddle in your seat. It’s going to look like you’ve peed your pants. You’re going to almost wish you had peed your pants, that it had all been an accident, because even though the ice is cold, your pussy’s going to be on fire.” I let my words sink into her stubborn little brain.

“But what about you?” she asked, clearly stalling for time.

“What about me?” I asked back, even though one look down at my crotch revealed just how hard this discussion was making me.

“I mean, why do I have to be the one to suffer? Don’t you get to be iced up too?”

“Oh, little girl…” I said, then reached between her legs so she could feel my heat and I could feel hers. “There’s so much you still have to learn. That is, if I’m not boring you by being a, what was it…?” I paused and shifted my fingers. “Oh yeah, a ‘dumb conformist,’ ” I said as I pressed my palm flush with her pussy.

“No, you’re not. You’re not, I promise. I didn’t know,” she said, then clutched my arm tightly.

“What didn’t you know, Donna?” I asked calmly as I plucked another piece of ice out of the rapidly melting pile and put it in my mouth. I held it between my teeth and smiled at her, waiting for her answer.

“I didn’t know it would feel this good, or that I’d get so turned on. I’ve only been with one guy, Rich, my ex-boyfriend. He was always all about the in-and-out—he said anything fancier was dreamed up by people with nothing better to do, who were never going to change the world.”

“Ah, my dear, that’s where you’re wrong. If anything’s going to change the world, it’s going to be sex.” I pried her fingers off my arm. “I think you need some more ice cubes,” I told her.

She didn’t object, didn’t shrink away or glare. She watched, her eyes glued to my hand, as I took another cube and quickly slipped my hand down her shirt and into her bra, dropping my little gift, then extricating myself. My wet fingers dripped onto her neck as I massaged it.

“Now you,” I said. “Rub it directly against your nipple. Think about what I could do if I had you alone, your breasts hanging out of your bra, your nipples straining in the air.” Silently, she held one hand over her breast, using her hoodie to massage it into her. “After that melts, it’ll be time for you to go to the bathroom,” I whispered. She didn’t say a word, but her shudder said it all. If you’re tuned in to body language, a careful movie-watcher, a reader of the book of humanity, you can tell a shudder of horror from one of pleasure. They are oceans apart, gestures similar only in name. This shudder said, “I never thought it could feel this good. I don’t care that we’re on a plane, who knows how many feet in the air, in public, strangers. I just want more.” Watching Donna was a pleasure all its own, a visual feast as my words and fingers coordinated to untangle her, unwrap her, unleash her. I, too, was changing, from dirty old man to enraptured seducer, her pleasure humming through my body as if we were attached by a wire.

“I bet you’re very wet right now. I bet you’re not thinking about how fast this plane is flying so it can get you to Miami and away from me.”

“No…I’m not.” There was a pause, while I breathed against her neck, out, then in, inhaling her scent, musky and flowery at once. “I like this,” she said quietly. It was a simple statement, and from someone else might’ve been a small admission. But from her, it was everything. I had her. I cupped her pussy once more through her jeans, grinding my palm against it. She sunk lower in her seat, pressing back against me.

I leaned over and pressed my forehead lightly against hers, kissed her cheek softly. Kissing on planes is highly underrated. My lips met the soft skin of her cheek and I was reminded of just how young she was, her skin perfectly smooth, so tender I could practically sink right inside it, full of promise. I was too old for her in real life, whatever that was, but here, on this plane, I didn’t mind making her feel hot and cold and aroused and wanted for a little while. She turned toward me and our lips met tenderly, like two teenagers making out in a movie theater, even as the ice wet her shirt and her pussy begged for more.

Her tongue insisted on entering my mouth, though her movements were small and tentative at first. I let her explore me before grabbing her hair and shoving my tongue into her mouth, as quietly as I could, the invasion swift, decisive. I knew our fellow passengers had to notice something amiss. It’s hard to ignore two people in the throes of passion; even if you think you’re not listening or observing, those telltale shifts, those familiar sounds rise up into your consciousness. I reminded myself that for all these people knew, she was my wife—my very young trophy wife, with me cast as the dirty old perv.

I didn’t mind though, and when we broke apart, panting, I held my hand to her lips. She kissed each finger in turn, then unbuckled her seat belt and slithered over me, making sure to pause when her legs were straddling mine, a look on her face that, for a moment, made me question whether she was, indeed, as innocent as I’d painted her in my mind. She reached into the cup of ice and grabbed a handful, then winced as the shock of its cold sting greeted her. Then, still poised above me, Donna took a piece of ice and traced it over my lips, making them tremble, then part. She pressed it against my tongue and it felt heavy, solid.

She didn’t want to be in charge, I could tell, but she wanted to at least let me know she could be. Then she turned and walked toward the back of the plane.
I swallowed hard. When she’d been right in front of me, I could easily let myself forget our surroundings. With her gone, I tried my best to stare straight at my hand, examining imaginary hangnails, my cuticles, my skin, memorizing the hairs on my knuckles. I was embarrassed, a new emotion for me. I didn’t ask myself whether it was wrong to corrupt her, whether I should have waited for some other clueless kid her age who’d maybe banged one chick to show her what she was missing.
I was too horny for that. Her virginal yet knowing body was already haunting me. It had been, what, five years–or maybe more–since I’d been with a girl who was truly innocent, almost ignorant, about sex. Showing her not only how to please me but especially, how to please herself, the uses for her cunt and her clit and her nipples and her mouth, even the simple act of stroking the back of her neck: that’s what I wanted to do for Donna.

All of a sudden, I knew she was on her way back. I turned around and saw her practically limping. She had done it; she’d really done it. Until that moment, I hadn’t been totally sure, hadn’t trusted that she was a) curious enough to continue and b) able to get those cubes into her pussy. Cunts don’t exactly welcome freezing cold objects, but hers had. She walked around me and sat down, a look of heaven and torture across her face.

“You’re an asshole, you know,” she said.

“Am I? Really?”

“I bet you’re single. I bet all your girlfriends break up with you.”

She was taunting me, teasing me, and despite knowing better, it worked. I reached between her legs, feeling the cubes threatening to pop out. She continued to try to badmouth me, but I knew she was just putting up a front. I knew from the way her hips lifted against my hand, the cold wetness alive against my fingers. I didn’t even feel that sorry that I couldn’t slide my way inside her just then. I could have, but I liked the tension between us, liked seeing her react, almost despite herself.

“I think it’s time for a nap,” I said, smiling at her wickedly as I took my wet fingers and brushed them against her cheek. My index finger roamed over her lips. She let me inside, only to bite me, and I gritted my teeth. There’s nothing I love more than being bitten by a woman in the throes of ecstasy, when she hardly knows her own strength, and wouldn’t care if she did. I could tell Donna was a biter. And a screamer. And a gusher. Don’t ask me how; I just knew.

“Take it back,” I said. “What you wrote before. Take it back and maybe I’ll make you come.” I could see I don’t need you to make me come, flash across her mind, but she didn’t say it.

“I guess you were right,” she managed.

“You guess?” I asked, letting my hand rest against her neck, lightly, but with the promise of more.

“You were right, I see that now. This is exciting, it’s not what I’d thought it would be.”

“Neither are you, Donna,” I said, and leaned down, pressing my lips against her forehead. Her skin was warm there, and I rested like that for a moment before telling her to reach down and fish out the cubes.


“You heard me. I want them. I’m gonna eat them.”

That seemed to be the most shocking thing I could’ve told her. I wanted to eat the melted ice cubes that were in her pussy. I would be tasting her by proxy, but she would have to touch herself to make it happen. “I’ll guard you,” I said, and shifted in such a way that she’d be hidden from full view. She didn’t protest anymore, just reached down and shifted enough so that she could retrieve the cubes, which were about half the size they’d been earlier. Water streamed down her hand and onto both of us. “Put them in my mouth,” I instructed her.

She did as commanded, our eyes meeting as her hand and the cubes entered my mouth. The truth was, I wanted to devour her: lick her all over, keep her naked in my apartment overnight, or, hell, for a week. But I let her fingers slip out, before taking them in my own and this time, settling a magazine across her lap and a blanket across mine, before delving into her panties with both our hands, mine atop hers. I steered her and guided her, letting her fingers show us both what felt good.

“I’ve never…”

“I know,” I assured her. This was a hell of a place to start, and as fluffy white clouds raced by our window, I taught my own sexy wild child how to masturbate: how to make herself come, how to touch her pussy in a way that could transcend any number of bouts of bad sex or heartache. I stayed with her as she trembled, turning her face into my shoulder and leaning toward me.

She asked for my number, but I didn’t give it to her. I didn’t want to totally tame her wildness, and I figured this was like that “if you give a man a fish…” saying. I had taught her what her body was good for; now it was up to her to go out and use it. That’s not to say it was easy to step off that plane and feel the culture shock of heading back to my real life, where wildness was certainly in abundance, but never paired with such innocence. I let her use my sweater to wrap around her waist, where a big puddle sill remained.

I hope Donna learned a good lesson that will make her a better lover, to herself and others, someday. I learned that you’re never too old to learn new sex tricks, and that sometimes it’s the least likely strangers, on a plane even, who can show you a new side of yourself.

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Welcome to The Mile High Club!

October 30, 2008

My name is Rachel, and I’m a member of the Mile High Club. Well, only kindof (you can read about my real-life plane sex adventure here).

I did edit this super-hot book, The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories that’s coming out in March, with stories about airplane sex that’ll make you want to rush to your nearest airport. If you have a story to share, email me at rachelkramerbussel at (put “Mile High” in the subject line).

I’ll be blogging about the mile high club in the news and keeping you posted about events for the book and other items of interest; I hope to do readings at airport bookstores. I can certainly say that working on this book has made every plane trip more memorable as I look around and imagine what everyone around me is up to!