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Virgin Atlantic turns 25

February 7, 2009

I like these outfits. And while I know and appreciate that there has been much feminist activism around flight attendant uniforms and don’t think the short short skirts were appropriate, I have to say after perusing some of them, they were pretty hot!

From Virgin founder Richard Branson’s blog, where he writes:

Who’d have thought 25 years ago that Virgin Atlantic would be the leading airline player it is today?

The inaugural flight, VS1 from Gatwick to Newark, New Jersey on 22nd June 1984, was a miracle in itself having been planned in just a few weeks.

Now, we use 38 aircraft to fly six million people a year to 30 destinations around the world.

Our 9,000 staff have built an airline that, after 25 years, is still red hot; an airline that focuses on being the best, not the biggest, and injects customer service and innovation into its daily philosophy.

We thank you for your support over our last 25 years and look forward to celebrating the next 25 with you on board soon.


Danger World on how to join the mile high club

December 2, 2008

Via Flavorpill’s Twitter stream, (which they blogged while flying Virgin America, my new favorite airline) just saw this:

is watching a skit from a San Fran improv troupe – Danger World – about how to make it in the mile high club…

Their tips: 1. pretend to fall asleep on their shoulder 2. pretend you are afraid of flying 3. pretend you can’t find your seatbelt