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Sienna Miller and Rhys Ifans joined The Mile High Club

December 18, 2008

This is from February but still interesting, via Scanner:

The pair’s antics reached an eyepopping climax – at 37,000ft – with Rhys whipping off his top and jumping half-naked into giggling Sienna’s fold-out SINGLE bed.

Their award-winning transatlantic performance (in the horror category) started from the moment we’d buckled into our Upper Class seats for the 7.30pm Virgin flight on Monday.

Oblivious to all fellow passengers – including Oscar-less James McAvoy, who was buried in his sudoku book – Sienna and Rhys began snogging, tongues a go-go. Imagine a soundtrack of slurping and squelching.

Next came an interlude of hairstroking, petting and nibbling, interspersed with whispering to each other and laughing hysterically.

After slipping into baggy black sleep suits they then treated us to some play-fighting. After a while, Sienna demanded: “Baby, baby, can you go to the bar and get me some white wine.” Rhys nodded, collected two generous glasses of Pinot Grigio, and managed to spill one down himself. Classy.

And just as we thought things couldn’t get any more stomach-churning, came a sight we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies.

Rhys pulled off his wine-soaked top, exposing his scrawny white body, and squeezed into Sienna’s bed for a snuggle. As it’s only 33ins wide, that’s some squeeze.


How Richard Branson joined The Mile High Club

November 11, 2008

Head of Virgin Atlantic Richard Branson on how he joined the Mile High Club:

“I was sitting in economy on a Freddie Laker flight, next to this very attractive lady, as we headed to Los Angeles,” said the boss of Virgin Atlantic.

“We got chatting and it went a bit further. And it was every man’s dream, to be honest. I was about 19,” the tycoon boasted.

“I remember getting off the plane and she turned to me and said, ‘Look, it’s slightly embarrassing but I am meeting my husband at arrivals, would you mind holding back a bit.’ But it was a memorable flight.

“The problem with plane loos generally is that they are very small, and the acrobatics can’t take too long because there’s no room and people start banging on the door,” Branson explained.

“What I remember vividly is seeing four handprints on the mirror as we finished, and thinking I’d better wipe them off.”

Branson’s Virgin airline has made no bones about using sex to sell seats. It has used slogans including “Hello gorgeous,” “Love at first flight,” “You never forget your first time,” “More experience than the name suggests,” and “Extra inches where it counts.”